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At Subaru Maddington, we provide a broad selection of genuine Subaru parts, accessories, and merchandise.

Subaru Parts

Authentic Subaru parts have been structured and built with astounding quality and should meet exact details to perform better, fit well, and last longer. This can mean less visits to your retailer for fixes and more kilometres of convenient, worry-free driving.

Subaru Accessories

We know that every car owner has a unique personality. Feel free to express your individuality through your Subaru vehicle with authentic Subaru accessories! We have a range of accessories to match your style, whether you want something simple and practical or something lavish and elegant. By purchasing legitimate Subaru parts and accessories, you are reassured by our comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.


Authentic Subaru parts and accessories generally are more durable and execute better performance. Subaru parts are specially designed to last and are built and tested in accordance with high standards and exact specifications.

Aside from their top-notch quality, Subaru parts also come with Subaru’s comprehensive parts warranty, which assures you of retained value and quality.

One of the things you need to pay attention to if you’re a Subaru owner is the maintenance of your vehicle. This will ensure that you get the most of your investment and that your car will keep its optimum value. It is best to have your Subaru car serviced regularly at an authorised Subaru Service Centre and use only our range of fluids specifically formulated for Subaru cars.


All accessories made for Subaru cars are built and tested to comply with Subaru’s quality requirements. They are manufactured to stand even the toughest Australian conditions.

Authentic Subaru accessories are available at your nearest Subaru retailer. They come at the best prices, so you won’t need to break your bank to customise and stylise your Subaru vehicle.

Genuine Subaru accessories also come with warranty, for a more worry-free and seamless driving.

Your Subaru vehicle is a power vehicle that deserves only the best. So make sure to get only authentic Subaru accessories for your Subaru car. Our Subaru Maddington dealership site has a great selection of genuine Subaru parts and accessories for you. Contact or visit us now.


Subaru constantly strives to build stronger and more powerful vehicles. Feel the true Subaru spirit every day with our broad range of Subaru items to suit your lifestyle.

We’ve got T-shirts, jackets, bags, keychains, and many more. Our authentic, high-quality Subaru merchandise will surely bring joy to every Subaru fanatic.


Subaru’s wide range of apparel includes t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, headwear and cycling gear. Accessories include keyrings, pens, watches, picnic accessories, golf bags, lanyards, umbrellas and many more exciting and cool items.

  • Subaru All-Wheel Drive
  • BRZ
  • Forester
  • STI

With such a wide and varied selection, there surely is something to attract every Subaru fan!

For more information on stock and availability, ask to be connected to our Parts Department at (08) 9493 6777.

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With genuine Subaru parts, Perth drivers will find that the components are built to fit and last. Your Subaru is a precision performance vehicle and when it comes time to replace parts, genuine Subaru spare parts are the best choice.

Perth Subaru owners should know that Subaru parts have been especially designed and engineered for the precise specifications of your vehicle from the highest quality materials and to the highest standards. This will provide the assurance that your replacement parts will fit correctly, perform better and have a longer lifespan. By purchasing genuine Subaru parts, you’ll find you will need fewer visits to your dealer and with more kilometres of trouble-free and confident driving.

You may wonder why you should choose genuine Subaru parts and not different brands. The short answer is that genuine parts will perform better and for longer. Subaru takes pride in building high quality vehicles and these high standards extend beyond your vehicle. With genuine Subaru accessories, Perth vehicle owners can have the confidence that the part has been designed, manufactured and tested according to the detailed specification of the Subaru factory. Each component has been made to the same exacting standards of Subaru vehicles and have the added assurance of the comprehensive Subaru Parts Warranty.

To maintain the safety and performance of your Subaru vehicle, you should insist on genuine Subaru parts. Proper care is essential for your new investment to retain resale value and optimum performance. Perth owners should also be aware that the high quality standards of genuine parts will ensure that your vehicle fuel efficiency, safety and performance is not compromised. Future buyers will also be happy with the genuine parts, therefore increasing your potential resale value. Your Subaru is not a generic vehicle but a specialised performance vehicle, so demand the best with genuine Subaru parts. Contact us at Subaru Maddington today to talk about genuine Subaru parts in Perth.



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